As a Presenter

We’re always interested in hearing from new presenters who want to share their knowledge and experiences with peers; and from solution providers or consultants whose experience can add value to our conferences.

Over 3,500 CEOs, MDs, VPs, Government Ministers and other senior-level speakers have made presentations, including:

Typically, our speakers are senior-level business people, industry leaders, educators, government officials, policy-makers, regulators, standard-setters and inspirational personalities, including CxO’s, MDs, Board Directors, Business Owners, MPs, School Principals, Departmend Heads, VCs, sporting leaders and influential thought leaders. (if you are a solution provider or consultant, you may also like to look through the sponsorship options before contacting us about speaking).

Why speak at a conference?

  • Contribute towards the enhancement of your industry and profession
  • Help others succeed and ensure they avoid common pitfalls
  • Raise your personal profile by listing yourself as one of our A-list presenters who we actively promote on thousands of printed brochures, websites, e-newsletters, print adverts and press releases.
  • Boost the profile of your organisation by combining your presentation with a tailor-made sponsorship package
  • Influence an audience of key leaders and opinion formers
  • Practice your public speaking in front of your peers
  • Be recognised and acknowledged as an expert in your field
  • Use your speech as an opportunity to air a point of view, launch a product or make an argument
  • Be mentioned in pre- and post-event press releases
  • Receive speaker training

How do we organise our events and choose our speakers?

We invest a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our conference agendas follow a well planned and logical structure, which address the most pertinent and strategic business/education issues. Our agendas are thoroughly researched to ensure we match the right speaker with the right topic, while remaining independent and vendor neutral and agnostic. For this reason, in general, we do not rely on a “Call for Papers” to find speakers. Instead, our highly trained Conference Producers -  who are responsible for researching industry and then drafting our programmes and identifying and securing appropriate speakers – conduct their own independent and unbiased research to determine what are the key issues affecting a particular industry and what our delegates really want to hear about.

On occasion, especially for conferences where delegates can apply for Professional Learning, we set up high-profile ‘Advisory Boards’ who’s job it is to help and guide our Conference Producers choose the best themes, topics and speakers.

If you would like to present a paper at one of our conferences AND you are a C-level executive, academic or someone with other relevant experience, please email our CEO Craig Macfarlane at  and include some information on yourself and the topic you feel qualified to discuss.

All our presenters and trainers are required to be experts in their field, as well as practiced in the art of public speaking, so that their ideas, concepts and teachings are not only authentic and professional, but also delivered in an eloquent and logical way. All speakers are required to sign our ‘Speaker Confirmation Form’ which include declarations about:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Meeting requirements of standard descriptors
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Non-discrimination
  • Permission to video
  • Evaluation forms
  • Complaints handling



If you have a complaint about any of our conferences, staff or speakers, please email our CEO Craig Macfarlane at

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