Strategic Partner

Most of our events are run in cooperation with one or more synergistic partners, who may include Media Partners, Endorsing Bodies, Government Departments, Official Broadcast Partners, Official Airline Partners and/or Official Venue Partners. There are many good reasons to align your organisation with one of our events.

Over 100 organisations have enjoyed mutual benefits by alignment with our events including:

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Benefits of Strategic Partnerships:

  • Support your organisation's mission and goals by aligning with a high-calibre and respected industry event
  • Connect face-to-face with your members/clients/subscribers/readers
  • Add value to your members/clients/readers by offering discounted registration fees to attend specific events
  • Drive membership/subscriptions
  • Build your brand
To find out more about aligning your organisation with one of our events, please email Craig Macfarlane:

  • Association and Communications Events Pty Ltd
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