As a Delegate

Attending one of our conferences is an opportunity to compare notes with industry peers, meet leaders & experts in your area, discuss ideas, find inspiration, learn new tricks of the trade, update yourself, follow new trends and developments and make new friends.

Over 18,000 delegates have attended our events from organisations including:

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Why delegates attend our events?

  • Listen to insightful keynotes from thought-leaders and innovators
  • Gather information about new markets, competitors, legislation, policies and opportunities
  • Learn ‘best practice’ to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Use the conference as a reward/team building exercise
  • Gain practical advice from experts in your industry
  • Be seen by the who’s-who of your industry
  • Meet policy makers and government officials who aren’t usually available for meetings
  • Benchmark yourself against leaders in your industry
  • Develop innovative ways to improve your performance
  • Upgrade your skills, knowledge and on-the-job effectiveness
  • Gain new ideas and insights to grow your business

Tips to gain approval to attend from your manager

If you need to gain approval from your manager to attend one of our events, you might find the following tips useful (or you can download this letter and customise it to suit your own requirements):

  • Highlight the practical benefits which you will take back to your office after the conference (see list above). Be specific about what you will learn, and include new skills, techniques, methods, best practice, etc
  • Calculate the ROI of attending (or the opportunity cost if you miss it!).
  • Put a value on the networking which you’ll be able to do. Remember to focus on the unique target audience which the conference will attract. Are your clients attending? Are your competitors attending? Are any of your hot prospects attending? What is the value of meeting these people?
  • Demonstrate how you can save money by taking advantage of one of our discounts including Early Bird Discounts, Team Discounts, Discounts for members of, associations or subscribers of media partners.
  • Agree to share your findings with your colleagues when you return to the office. Show them what you’ve learnt. By doing this your colleagues benefit too. Perhaps you can deliver a short presentation after the event to explain what you have learnt

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